Sunday, February 19, 2012

Me vs Annapurna

Me vs Annapurna by GlobeTrotter 2000
Me vs Annapurna, a photo by GlobeTrotter 2000 on Flickr.

I think I've never posted a photo of me on Flickr but since I had this one I figured out why not.

1. I enjoy outdoors activities, hiking obviously one of them.

2. Since I made this awesome trek, I really want to climb a 7000m mountain !!!

3. As many people made the confusion during my last travel, I'm not nepali ;)

4. I can't get rid of the "Mantra of Avalokiteshvara" music from my mind since my return. This music can be heard everywhere, everytime in Nepal !!!

5. I live in Paris and I'm not a pilot, neither a traveler journalist ...

6. I don't like thinking of random things about me :-)

7. Ever since I got my D80, about 4 years ago, I've shot maybe 30 000 shots.

8. I love travelling. Maybe you do not know that :-)

9. I'm watching NCIS right now.

10. By the way, thanks for all your kind words and supportive comments on Flickr.

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