Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mont Blanc, Chamonix - Golden Ice

Chamonix is dominated by the white majestic dome of Mont Blanc, at 4,810m the highest mountain in western Europe.

Every year the summit of Mont Blanc becomes the ultimate objective for mountaineers the world over, all striving to stand on top of the roof of Europe and look down on all of the major summits of the Alps.

To climb Mont Blanc from Chamonix, people normally chose one of the two most common routes. Slightly more technical, the route from the Aiguille du Midi, over Mont Blanc du Tacul and Mont Maudit is generally quieter, and highly dependent on conditions.

The slightly easier and more reliable option is via the Tramway du Mont Blanc to the Nid d'Aigle, then up the Aiguille du Gouter and the Bosse ridge.

While not technically challenging, ascending Mont Blanc requires a high level of physical fitness and experience using crampons and an ice axe.

Thanks to Marie for this awesome shot !!!

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