Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kilimanjaro Summit, Tanzania - Above the clouds 5.50am @Uhuru Peak (5 895m)

The trek to Uhuru Peak is considered to be a relatively straightforward endeavour; however, ample time must still be provided for proper acclimatization to prevent altitude sickness. The three shortest routes, Marangu, Rongai and Machame are less challenging and are often trekked by individuals with limited mountaineering experience. Taking at least 7 days is the best way to avoid altitude sickness.

Route travel times range from 5 to 9 days to summit and return to the base of the mountain. Huts with cooking facilities, bathrooms, and electricity are available on the Marangu route, and camps with less facilities are available on many other routes. All huts and many camps have rangers stationed at them with rescue facilities (modified wheelbarrows to transport trekkers stricken with altitude sickness to lower altitudes).

Summit attempts are generally undertaken at night so that trekkers can reach the rim of the crater to view the sunrise so typically clients start walking around midnight. walking overnight also means the ground (loose gravel) is frozen, making the going significantly easier.

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