Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Railay Beach - Thailand

I'm gonna take a break at the end of the week for a new destination. See you at my return with new photos.

A place you just need to visit is Railey/Railay beach in Thailand. Railey is one of Thailand's most sought after beach areas. Just south of Ao Nang Beach, around a rocky headland and accessible only by boat, Railay presents a private and extraordinary world.
In just one small peninsula you'll find gorgeous white sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves and hidden lagoons inside the cliffs, shaped and fed by the changing tides. All within walking distance !

At Railay there are no roads, only footpaths. No buses, no cars, just local "longtail" boats. Although it's actually connected to the mainland, the spectacular Phra Nang peninsular is effectively isolated by limestone headlands and steep jungle valleys from Krabi's main holiday areas. The very picture of tropical paradise, with no roads and no hassle, Railay offers lazy days, adventure forays and chilled-out evenings.

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