Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vancouver Island, Canada - Cape Scott

Cape Scott Provincial Park is a 21,849 hectare, rugged coastal wilderness at the northwest tip of Vancouver Island. The park is characterized by 64 kilometers of spectacular ocean frontage, including about 23 kilometers of beaches, running from Nissen Bight in the north to San Josef Bay in the south. Rocky promontories and headlands intersperse wide sandy beaches.

The heavy rainfalls and violent windstorms of the Cape Scott area have shaped its history. Annual precipitation, almost totally in the form of rain, is between 375 and 500 centimeters. Even in summer, prolonged sunny periods are a rarity. High winds, rain and generally stormy conditions can be expected at any time of the year.

To access to this piece of paradise, it is a little bit complicated ! After a couple hours of driving, at the end of the road, you can park your car and hike along a beautiful, yet easy, wooded trail until reaching the Pacific Ocean, beyond a wide stretch of soft sandy beach. But the best part is the tiny cove, with rocky outcroppings right on the beach. There are even caves and miniature bonsai trees! More amazing than it might sound, this sight made the long trip more than worthwhile!

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